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This directory has the following MP3 Files of Reale's Music:

  • Piano Sonata No. 8
    The entire one-movement sonata, performed by Walter Ponce.
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano, "Celtic Wedding" (1991).
    Movement 2, performed by Yukiko Kamei and Ayke Agus (1:52)
  • Finale of the Violin Sonata (5:53).
  • Psalm 109 for Soloists, Chorus, Piano, and Percussion (2001).
    Donald Neuen conducts the UCLA Chorale (6:32)
  • Caldera with Ice Cave, Movement 2 (2000).
    Walter Ponce is piano soloist with Jon Robertson conducting the UCLA Philharmonia Orchestra Strings (12:46)
  • What is Life? (1985).
    Nick Strimple conducts LA VIE in this madrigal.(3:08)
  • Columbus Concerto for Organ and Winds (1992).
    Movement 3, performed by Thomas Harmon, organ with the UCLA Wind Ensemble conducted by Thomas Lee. (5:48)
  • CPE for Two pianos (1997).
    Movement 1, performed by Tom Beghin and Paul Reale, pianos. (5:48)
  • Palabras Serenas (Serene Words), a Song Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano. (2000).
    Songs 4 and 5 are performed by Alma Mora, Mezzo-Soprano, and Walter Ponce, piano. (6:28)
  • Graces and Furies, a quintet for clarinet and strings (1987).
    Movement 2 is performed by clarinetist, Gary Gray with members of the (now) Angeles Quartet. (3:31)
  • Piano Concerto No. 2, "Matisse-Jazz" (1995).
    Movement 1, performed by Nina Schumann, piano Soloist with Harvey Felder conducting the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. (5:56)
  • Palimpsest for Violin, Clarinet, Piano (1997).
    Movement 2 is from the 1998 world premiere performance by the Verdehr Trio. (7:16)
  • Concerto for Three Trumpets and Wind Ensemble (1996).
    Movement 1 is from the world premiere by the UCLA Wind Ensemble under D. Thomas Lee. (4:20)

  • Texts, program notes, sample score pages, etc. may be found in the Complete Catalog of Works (Click here).

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    Updated, March 23, 2006.