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Biography of the Composer

  • Catalog of Self Reference
    A compendium of self-quotations between earlier and later works.
  • Special Brass and Winds Supplement.
  • Some Piano Sonatas in Detail.
  • A simple, alphabetical catalog of works

  • Works for solo piano:

    Thirteenth Floor Concert Etude Number 3 (May 20, 2020), 4'10".

    Paganini Fantasy (November 12, 2019), 4'10", for Robert Blocker.

    The Pooka's Revenge II: The Pooka Returns (September 9, 2019), 3', for Rpbert B;pcler.

    Simple Variations (April 13, 2019), 4'

    Stroke of Midnight (Piano Sonata No. 12) (November 29, 2018), 17'.

    The Pooka"s Revenge, a piano novelty (November 17, 2018), 2'30".

    Chocolate Soccer Ball, A piano novelty (July 30, 2018), 2'30".

    Lancelot's Cave, a piano novelty (July 11, 2018), 2'30".

    I am Muad'Dib, a concert encore, written as a gift to Min Kwon and the CME Young Artists (April 12, 2016), 3'15".

    Bombogenesis, a piano novelty inspired by the chaotic, comic lunacy of the 1941 movie,"Hellzapoppin'. 3'.

    Revenge of the Earworm, a comic encore for piano (January 12, 2015). 2'30".

    Elephant Early Warning System, a novelty for piano (February 12, 2014), 1'30".

    Durch Die Jahrzeiten, Six German Folk Songs for Piano (September 26, 2013), 7'.

    Explosante-Fixe II, A Comic Encore for Piano (May 17, 2013), 1'30".

    Minuets for Solo Piano, solo piano (September 18, 2012), 6'30".

    Bist du bei mir Variation, solo piano (May 6, 2012), 2'.

    Fandango, A Concert Encore for Solo Piano, (February 16, 2012), 2 1/2'.

    Sonata for Fortepiano (Piano Sonata No. 11), (October 6, 2011), 13'

    Program Note

    Sonata Piazzollana, (Piano Sonata No. 10), October 26, 2010, corrected April 2011, 15'.

    Six Preludes for Piano, (October 8, 2010), 10'30".

    Beethoven for the Brain Dead, or Learning Twenty of the Master's Works in Less than Four Minutes, (December 27, 2009): a comic encore pastiche of works of Beethoven.

    The Carman's Whistle, (October 14, 2009). 14'. Conceived after William Byrd's famous keyboard piece and written for Jeffrey Jacob.

    Dancing Lessons with Mr. Bean, (March 1, 2009). 4' 30".

    Jump: Skip, (January 10, 2009). 1' 45". This is a work of only moderate difficulty.

    Concert Etude No. 2, (October 14, 2008). 4' 05".

    Concert Etude No. 1, (July 31, 2008). 4' 30".

    Prueba Lo Que Dices, Miguel (Stand and Deliver), (December 27, 2006), 4'.

    Program Note

    Furball Elise, (April 21, 2005), 5'30" comic concert encore spoof of the Beethoven potboiler.

    Program Note

    Windstorm for Solo Piano. (February 1. 2005), 6' concert piece with material derived from Movement III of Octet-Windstorm.

    Toccata for Solo Piano, (April 18, 2004), 7', concert piece which uses traditional ostinato.

    Ex Inferno, (December 29, 2003), 5', single-movement work derived from Inferno materials.

    Bagatelles-Quotations, (August 25, 2003), 7', six pieces for solo piano, based on short quotes from earlier Reale works. In December of 2012 a new, revised version of the piece was made.

    Program Note

    After... for solo piano, (May 3, 2003); four character pieces after the styles of J. S. Bach, Wagner, Chopin, and Mussorgsky. 8'.

    Program Note

    Piano Sonata No. 9, "Satanic Mass", (Sept 3, 2000), 18' in 3 movements.

    Acrobatics for solo piano, (December 30,1998); eight short character pieces. 7'.

    Program Note

    Piano Sonata No. 8, "Il Trionfo della Folia", (March 15, 1997; last section revised in April and premiered by Walter Ponce in Los Angeles). 13' in one movement. A new score was prepared in May of 2012.Ponce performed the revised version in January of 2013, and it since has been recodrded on MSR Classics (MS1693) in 2018.

    Encore for solo piano, (February 18, 1996). 5'.

    Opening of original draft Program Note

    Piano Sonata No. 7, "Veni Creator Spiritus", (October 18, 1994). 28' Prelude, Toccata, Prelude II, Finale. In April of 2013 a new, revised and corrected score was prepared. Reale performed this version in Los Angeles and it was recorded on MSR Classics (MS1693) in 2018.

    New Waltzes, (November 23, 1993), 4'.

    Improvisations‚, (Sept. 26,1993), 5'.

    Piano Sonata No. 6‚"The Waste Land"‚,(March 22, 1992), 23' four mvts. (Commissioned by Manuel Enriquez for the International Foro), Premiere: May 29, 1992 at International Foro XIV (solo recital by the composer, Sala Manuel Ponce of the Belles Artes). , New version was created in the winter of 2006-2007 and premiered by the composer at st. James Presbyterian Church, Tarzana, CA on April 15, 2007. The piece was one of the winners in the New Ariel Competition (2007) and was recorded on CD by Jeff Jacob on New Ariel Records as , "Contemporary Ameican Eclectic Music for Piano Vol. X.

    Ex Cello and Stride‚, (Feb. 9, 1989), 6'. Commissioned for First International Piano Competition at UCLA (Samick Piano Co.). Performed by all semifinalists.

    Program Note

    Piano Sonata No. 5 in A, (Sept. 5, 1988), 24' four mvts. A new, revised score was made in 2019. on
    national tour by the composer 1989-90.

    Sonata Rochbergiana , (June 11, 1987), 12' single mvt. Commissioned by Theo. Presser for George Rochberg's 70th birthday, premiere Nov. 12, 1989, Philadelphia by Curt Cacciopo.

    John Jensen and composer

    Sonata Brahmsiana‚,‚ ‚Piano Sonata No. 3 (Nov. 19, 1985), 17' three mvts. & entr'acte. Recorded for Music & Arts CD-4757 by John Jensen and released 1993.

    Dance Sonata, Piano Sonata No. 2 (April 4, 1985), 13', recorded for Music & ArtsCD-738, released 1992.

    In July, 2017 a new version of the score was prepared.

    First Sonata (Feb. 8, 1985), 20', keystone of composer's tour. in South America, 1987 and recorded for Music &Arts CD-4738. In September of 2019 a new version of the score was prepared.

    Classy Contemporaries (1983-84) two vols. (20 pieces) for intermediate players. Pedagogy by Peggy Sheffield: (pieces revised in 2005), published by Yelton Rhodes, 2005.


    Hand Of Glory (April 6, 1983), 10', premiered by the composer at a piano recital in Shanghai as part of US/China cultural exch., spring 1983.

    Simple Suite (Feb. 7, 1983), 7', six pieces. Premiered on KPFK radio by Gloria Cheng, spring 1985.

    Bagatrix ‚ (April 30, 1980). 8', seven pieces (used as encore pieces by pianists). A new version was completed in December, 2012.

    Pieces of Seven ‚ (1978), 8' seven encore pieces.

    Salon Music (Aug. 29, 1975), 9', recorded for Music & Arts CD-4757 and released 1993.

    Finger Teasers ‚ (June 19, 1974), 6', six pieces (revised in 2005), published by Yelton Rhodes, 2005 (also exist as six
    pieces for electronic tape, Tape Teasers)‚, premiered July 11, 1975 Occidental college.

    Piano Suite ‚ (Nov. 25, 1970), 6'30".

    Piece for Piano 1967 ‚, premiered by the composer, Montreal Mar. 1969.


    Works for two pianos or piano four hands:

    Excerpt, Mvt II(+) (635k) Program Note

    Watchman, Tell Us of the Night: Fanfare, (September 22, 2015). Piece is for 8 hands at 2 pianos and was written Min Kwon and the CME Group. (2'10").

    Chorales II, (December 17, 2012), for two pianos, 4'30" (piece is a concert encore).

    Shadow Sonata, (October 18, 2011). for two pianos (compass of Piano I is such that it could be played on a fortepiano), 14', 3 mvts.

    computer realization of the complete piece

    Minuet in G Whiz, (March 8, 2008), for two pianos, 4' 40" a comic encore based on Beethoven's Miinuet in G.

    Program Note

    "Dies Irae" Redux, (March 3, 2006), for two pianos, 22'in two sections: a recomposition of the triple concerto. This piece awaits its world premiere.

    World of a Bengal Child, (New score, October 25, 2015), for piano four hands, 9'30", two movements: inspired by Satyagit Ray's Pather Panchali, first film in the Apu Trilogy.

    Click here for Movement II recording.

    Program Note

    Drowsey Maggie, (October 3, 1999, first draft- March 2015 final version), for two pianos, 10', Introduction and Finale.

    Program Note

    Waltzes, Old and New, (August 18,1999), for two pianos, 12', 1 mvt.

    Program Note

    CPE for Two Pianos, (December 15, 1997, revised in May of 1999), 18', 3 mvts. Premiere with the composer and Tom Beghin on May 5, 1999 at UCLA. In September, 2015 a revised version of this score was prepared for Min Kwon and the CME group for a CD recording on the MSR label.

    Excerpt, Mvt II(+) (635k) Program Note

    Serge P (Apr. 29, 1993), 11' 50", three mvts. and two entr'actes, based on Prokofiev's Op. 56. Premiere with composer and J. Huang UCLA May 10, 1994. A new version of the score was prepared in October of 2015 for upcoming MSR recording by Min Kwon and the CME Young Artists

    Program Note

    Period Piece (Aug. 12, 1990), 13', premiered by Bryski/Dye Jan. 15, 1991 at UCLA.

    Program Note

    Little Screamers (Apr. 5, 1981), 10', from Screamers for wind ensemble (piano, 4 hands). Composer's tour of the midwest with John Jensen, winter 1988.

    Works for other solo keyboards:

    Intavolatura III for solo organ (Sept. 18, 1978), 3', premiered Spring 1982 by Thos. Harmon at Pacific Serenades.

    Suite for Harpsichord (Sept. 20, 1977), 6', four mvts.

    Within the Circle of Fifths for solo hpchd. (April 16, 1974), 14', premiered on KPFK radio Jan. 18, 1975 by Frederick Hammond.

    Fantasie ‚ organ solo (Mar. 1970, 13', premiered by Thos. Harmon on "Three Keyboards" concert Spring 1971.


    Works for solo guitar:

    (all publ. Seesaw Press).


    Lachrymae ‚ (Oct. 27, 1977), 4'50", in the repertoire of Stuart Fox and Steven Elster.

    Intavolatura II (Jan. 1, 1976), 3'20".

    Intavolatura (June 30, 1974), 2'30". Premiered KPFK radio by Steven Elster Jan. 18, 1975.

    Crwth Myth (Nov. 1972 second version July 74), 6', taken on national tours by Steven Elster 1976, 77, 80.


    Other solo works:


    Composers" Reminiscences, 2009 Version, (August 18, 2009) solo violin, seven movements: this piece, while built partially on the earlier piece of the same name has mostly new material, a new added movement ("Puccini"), and much more consistent development, 12'.

    Claire's Book of Hours, (February 16, 2009) six pieces for solo violoncello, 9', written for Claire's birthday, March 2009.

    Shepherd's Song, (May 26,2003) solo oboe, 4', one movement.

    Composers' Reminiscences, (January 27, 2000), solo violin (unaccompanied), six movements, 14'.

    Euphonisms ‚ (Jan. 28, 1990), 15', thirteen etudes for solo euphonium (ix, x can be a duet and xi, xii, xii a trio).

    Bassooner or Later ‚ (Dec. 8, 1977), 7', solo bn. perf. Indianpolis
    l980 chamber music series.

    Flute-Puissance ‚ (July 12, 1976), 4'30", for Mark Carlson.

    Remembrance (April 29, 1975) solo violin and piano, 5'. Perf. MFA grad recitals in the 80's.

    Seance (at a Late Hour) ‚ (1973-74), solo cello, 13', premiere by Terry King on KPFK radio Aug. 1973. Publ. Theodore Presser Co. To be released on CD, Naxos 8.55980, 'Chopin's Ghosts."(2018) with Kim Cook as the soloist..

    Program note

    Vala (Night of the Seventh) ‚ (Nov. 22. 1974), solo english horn, 4". Premiere April 13, 1975 California Institute of the Arts, publ. Seesaw Music. New Performance in Mexico City, February 1994.


    Cuban Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Piano Concerto No. 4) (June 30, 2019), 20'.

    L'…preuve …ternelle, a Concertino for Solo Violoncello and Cello Choir (4 parts) (July 21, 2016), 6'.

    Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse (November 29, 2015), 17'. Seven trumpets, solo violin, piano, string orchestra.

    Program note

    Concerto Grosso for Piano and String Orchestra (August 20, 2015), 15'. Additional solo strings: vln., va.,vc.

    Chiaroscuro for Solo Violin and Strngs (May 10, 2013), 8'. Uses 4 violin parts, 2 viola, 2 violoncello, and 1 double bass part.Ideally, 3 on a part would work best; however, the piece could be performed with all solo strings.

    Program Note

    Caldera with Ice Cave for Piano and String Orchestra (August 2, 1999), 22' 30", 4 Vln (3), 2 Va (3), 2 Vc (2), Db (1). Premiere at UCLA on October 31, 2000 with Walter Ponce, piano soloist and the Philharmonia Orchestra Strings conducted by Jon Robertson. In January of 2012, a new, revised score of the piece was prepared. The piece was selected as a semi-finalist for the American Prize in July of 2015. The 2012 version was recorded for MSR Classics in January of 2019 with Christopher Guzman as soloist.

    Percussion list and Notes

    Concerto for Three Trumpets and Wind Ensemble 'Watchman, Tell us of the Night (September 10, 1996), 18'.Published by Carl Fischer Inc., 1997.

    Opening page Jon Robertson and Nina Schumann rehearsing.

    Program Note

    Piano Concerto No. 2 -"Matisse-Jazz" ‚ (Dec. 20, 1992), 25', written for the St. Paul Chamber Orch. and recalled by the composer, recomposed with new third movement (for Robert Blocker). Premiered in Yerevan, Armenia on June 30, 1996: Nina Schumann, piano solo and Jon Robertson cond. Armenian Philharmonic. In January, 2017 and entirely rewritten and revised score was prepared. Published by Carl Fischer Inc., 1997.

    Program Note

    Columbus Concerto (Oct. 7, 1991), 24', organ and wind ensemble. Commissioned for Thos. Harmon by the Ahmanson Organ Programming Endowment and the National Endowment for the Arts. Premiered May 20, 1992 Royce Hall, perf. International Foro XIV Mexico City 1992 (Tom Lee and the UCLA Wind Ensemble). Published by Carl Fischer Inc., 1997.

    Concerto for Violoncello, Setrings, and Percussion, (September 9, 2018), 20'30"). Piece was written for Kim Cook.

    Violin Concerto (Mar. 27, 1990), 31', orchestra with double winds. Slated to be perf. and rec. in Tel Aviv Spring 1990 (project aborted by the Persian Gulf War). Published by Carl Fischer Inc., 1999.

    Opening pages

    The entire score was recomposed in August of 2014 and could almost be comsidered a different piace.

    Piano Concerto No. 1, (May 31, 1986), 25', Commissioned by David Crosby for the Wisconsin Chamber Orch. (John Jensen, soloist). Premiere Sept. 21, 1986 at Oscar Meyer Hall as part of the Festival of the Lakes. In November pf 2016 an entirely new score was prepared. Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    Mirecourt Trio with David Crosby rehearsing the Concerto

    Concerto "Dies Irae" for Piano trio and winds (April 14, 1982), 23'. Commissioned by the Jerome Foundation for the Mirecourt Trio. CD just released in the Summer of 2004 by Cinnabar Records (CNB103). It was originally recorded on LP (Triad TRC 109) by that group with the Wind Ensemble of California State University, Northridge with David Whitwell conducting: Village Voice "Record of the Year" The recording was reissued by MSR CLassics in January 2018 (MS 1693). , Publ. Carl Fischer Inc. A new, revised version of the score was prepared in May of 2015.

    Chorales for Piano and Brass (Oct. 6, 1986), 10', premiered by the composer with Tom Lee and UCLA Wind Ensemble Spring 1989 (composer as soloist). Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    Concertino for Guitar and Winds ‚ (Apr. 7, 1984), 13'. Commissioned
    by Steven Elster for national tour of US high schools 1985, 86, 87 (over 200 perfs.). Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    Concerto for Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Celesta, and Two String Orchestras ‚ (1966), 20', unperformed (Columbia MA thesis).



    (including sonatas with piano acc.)

    Horn Call Horn and piano (November 14, 2017), 4'05".

    Sonata for Bassoon and Piano "Dies Irae, (October 26, 2017), 3 movements (12').

    Sonata for Oboe and Piano, (June 23, 2017), uses english horn in the end of mvt. 1 and all of mvt. 2 11'..

    Transfiguration for Clarinet and Piano, (May 9, 2017), 11'30".

    Szymanowski's Ghost, violin and piano (May 10, 2014), 4'. Written for Kamil and Maja Klimek.

    Program Note

    Sonata No. 2 for Violoncello and Piano "Chopin's Ghost" (April 28, 2014), 4 movements, 15' Recorded by Kim Cook on Naxos CD 8.55980, "Chopin's Ghosts.," April, 2018.

    Encore for Jessica (March 18, 2014). Violin and PIano (for Jessica Mathaes), 1'30"

    Wanna Buy a Goose? (November 25, 2013), 3 pieces for C trumpet and trombone with F extension, 4'30" (also exists in a version for Bb trumpet and violoncello)..

    Durch Die Jahrzeiten II (October 3, 2013). 4 pieces for violoncello and piano based on German folk songs, 5'. Recorded by Kim COok for Naxos (8.55980).

    Program Note

    Seven Deadly Sins for violin and Piano (December 1, 2009). 20': written for Jessica Mathaes.

    The piece was premiered by her in Austin, Texas on November 6, 2010. She was accompanied by Colette Valentine.

    "Sacred Geometry 2" for violin and viola (March 15, 2006), 14': a recomposition of the Sonata for two Violins (Dec. 05) with substantial changes. Read tne notes below.

    The piece has won a "Special Mention for personal language in balance between tradition and innovation." in the 2005 International EPICMUSIC Compositon Prize,

    Program Note

    Sonata for Two Violins, "Sacred Geometry." (December 5, 2005)

    Wexford Carol (February 23, 2004), violoncello and piano, 7': Birthday present for Claire.

    Finale Opening

    Strolling Fiddlers (May 31,2002): Five movements for two violins.

    More Cheesecake Duets (Summer 2001): assorted duets for mixed and matched pairs of wind and string instruments (an ongoing collection).

    Opening page Program Note

    Dialogues and Intimacies for Violin and Violoncello (March 1, 1998), 14', three movements.

    End of Finale

    Suite for Viola and Harpsichord (January 31,1996), 20', three movements with entr'acte.

    Opening of Movement IV

    Orpheus Duets (February 11, 1994), 10' two oboes (wedding gift). To be recorded on CD in 2002.

    Clarionettes (June 1993), cl and pno, 8', five easy pieces.

    Greeting Cards (Nov. 24, 1991) six pieces for flute and baritone horn, 5'. Commissioned by Elizabeth Schreiber. Performed New York City, Christmas 1991 ("The Cheesecake commission")

    Cellowship ‚ (June 27, 1991), four easy pieces for cello and piano, 8'.

    Opening of Violin Sonata,Movement I Finale Excerpt (692k)

    Program Note

    Sonata For Violin and Piano "Celtic Wedding" (Oct. 9, 1990) five mvts., 26'. Commissioned by Pacific Serenades and perf. Spring 1991.

    A new version of the piece was made in 2007 for publication.

    Program Note

    Dark Star and Strife ‚ (Nov. 1989), tpt. and piano, 12'.

    Commissioned by Douglas Johnson and Patricia Hannifan and premiered by Andy Ulyate, trumpet and Mark Holmstrom, piano in Los Angeles on November 11, 2001.

    Holiday Suite (Dec. 15, 1988), three easy pieces for violin and keyboard. Perf. Sherman Oaks Meth. Church. A new version of this piece was created in February, 2004, and a version for violoncello and piano was written in July, 2011.

    Duet for Two Violoncellos ‚ (May 14, 1988), 10'. Commissioned by the Wendt/King Duo. 1989 tour of the midwest and perf. Iowa Public radio.

    Improvisations on Modern Times (Sept. 17, 1984), guitar and vc., 12'. Premiere Chicago Oct. 17, 1984.

    Program Note Tour in South America

    Children's Palace ‚ for Flute and Piano (July 17, 1983), 15', three mvts. Commissioned by Ann LaBerge. Premiered in Los Angeles prior to l987 tour of South America by LaBerge with the composer. Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    In June of 2016 and entirely new, revised score was prepared.

    Logo for CelloAmerica, by Claire Rydell

    Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (Sept 17, 1982), 20', five mvts. Recorded on Music & Arts CD "CelloAmerica (CD-4603) 1989 (second pressing 1991 as American Cello) by Terry King and John Jensen. Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    In November of 2014 and completely new and corrected edition of the sonata was prepared. It was recorded by Kim Cook in the soon to be released CD, "Chopin's Ghosts" (Naxos 8.55980).

    Seconds, Sweet Hours (May 30, 1976), violin and piano, 4'.

    2/3 for Violin and Piano (1975), 10'. Premiered California State University, Northridge, Winter 1976.

    Bicinium No. 1 ‚ (Oct. 15, 1973, revised Jan. 75), flute and alto flute, 10'. Premiered KPFK radio Jan. 18, 1975.




    Three Graces for three violoncellos (April 24, 2020). 12'30"

    Festive Glitter for trumpet, trombone, piano (May 17, 2017), 4'30".

    Flutobass for flute (doubling piccolo), oboe (doubling english horn), bassoon (May 12, 2016), 8'30".

    Earworm for violin, horn, piano (January 6, 2015), written for the Red Hedgehog Trio Call for Scores,2'. MIDI version of the piece

    Introduction with Zez's Cartoon Cafe for Bb Clarinet, Violoncello, Piano (last two sections of 2007 work), 4'.

    Zez's Cartoon Cafe for Bb clarinet, viola, piano (December 24, 2013), 3'.

    Hautboys and Gamboys for two oboes and piano, (October 29, 2012), 10'.

    Piecelets for two clarinets and bass clarinet (six pieces), (July 16, 2011), 8'.

    Christ the Lord is Risen Today for two trumpets in C and piano (January 6, 2008), based on the 1708 hymn by Charles Wesley and Lyra Davidica, 2'30".

    Program Note

    Le Bonheur de Vivre for Bb Clarinet, violoncello, Piano (April 12, 2006), 15', for Ron Singer and Claire Rydell (premiere on April 15, 2007 at St. James Presbyterian Church, Tarzana, CA)

    In Dulci Jubilo for Bb Clarinet, Violoncello, Piano (October 17, 2005), 3'30".

    Fantasy-Trio, Vater Unser for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon (March 26, 1999), 8'.

    Program Note

    Palimpsest for Violin, Clarinet in A, Piano (August 30,1997), 19'. The work was commissioned by Walter Verdehr and Michigan State University for the Verdehr Trio. Premiere occurred at MSU on July 22, 1998 at the Wharton Center.

    Four Miniatures for Three Players ‚ (July 16, 1990) fl, vc, pno, 9'. For intermediate players.

    CD Review(78k)

    Piano Trio No. 2 "Drowsey Maggie" ‚ (Nov. 20, 1988), 23'40", written for the Green Lake Festival and recorded on CD (released in 1991)Music & Arts CD-4686. A new score was ma de in January, 2018.

    Review (107k)

    Piano Trio (No. 1) (Sept. 14, 1980), 20'. Commissioned for the Mirecourt Trio by the National Endowment for the Arts. Taken on world tour in l982,83. Released on CD in 1990 Music & Arts (CD-635), repressed in 1992 after 10,000 copies sold. In the repertoire of the Central Trio and Laredo. In August, 2013 a new version of the score was prepared. Trio. Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    Clownzona (Dec. 17, 1973), three trombones, 7'. Publ. Seesaw Press.



    Trio Suite (May 22, 2019), two flutes, violoncello, harpsichord, 15'.

    Piano Quartet "Aimez Vous Brahms?" (January 15, 2016). 8'. Program Note

    Simplexity (August 29, 2014), string quartet (4'15"). The score was one of the winners of the Seattle Composers Alliance's 2014 String Quartet Call for Scores. It was premiered by the Saint Helen's String Quartet on October 21, 2014 in Seattle.

    Wexford Quartet (January 11, 2011), string quartet: a substantially rewritten version of the earlier setting of the Wexford Carol(10').

    I Know That My Redeemer Lives (January 27, 2009). C trumpet, violin, violoncello, piano. Based on a hymn by John Hatton (d. 1793).

    Chaconne (February 9, 2005), oboe, horn, bassoon, piano, in one movement, 8'.

    Program Notes

    A Paul Klee Gallery for Flute Quartet (four flutes, doubling piccolos, alto, bass) (May 8, 2001), commissioned by the Los Angeles Flute Quartet, 10'.

    Ceilidh for String Quartet (May 27, 1996), in one movement, 9'.

    Of Chrome and Brass (October 8, 1993), two euphoniums & two tubas, 10'.

    Program note

    The Wexford Carol ‚ (Aug. 5, 1992), string quartet in one mvt.,10'.
    Premiered on Pacific Serenades April 17, 18 1993. Now in the repertoire of the Cuarteto Latinoamericano.

    Program note

    Dvorak, Anyone? ‚ (Jan. 11, 1991), saxophone quartet, 14'. Commissioned by Kathleen Maxwell and premiered at UCLA in Spring of 1992.

    A new version of the score was prepared in April of 2008.

    Partita for Flute and String Trio ‚ (May 30, 1978), 12'. Winner of First Award Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival 1980.

    String Quartet (Feb. 1976) 17' in one mvt. Featured in the Biennale Festival in Venice in 1979.

    The Mysterious Death of the Magic Realist ‚ (1972), viola, vc, guitar, hpchd, 13' in one mvt. Premiered at the Monday Evening Concerts in Oct. 1972.

    2+2/3 (1975), two violins and two pianos, 13', unperformed.


    Chamber music for larger combinations:


    Sextet No. 2 "The Sweet One">Celebration (February 24, 2017), fl, 2 cls, 2 tpts, 2 trbs, tuba, timp, 31/2'.

    Program note

    Hextet (January 22, 2017), 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 violoncellos, 13'. The piece also exists in a version with double bass, created July, 2017. It was premiered in New York by the North-South Consonance Chamber Orcestra under Max Lifschitz, January 9, 2018.

    Rags to Riches (March 10, 2015), 2 Bb Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Piano, 6'30".

    Chill (May 28, 2014), 3'42", seven violas. The piece also exists in a version for seven violoncellos.

    Elephant Early Warning System II, (February 24, 2014), 1'. brass quintet: written for the Nautilus Brass Quintet.

    Brassacaglia, (April 8, 2012), 7'30", 4 tpts., 4hns., 3 trbs.,2 timpanists (10 drums).

    Program note

    Aubade, (April 11, 2011), 14', violin, 6 violoncellos, double bass.

    Program note

    Serenade: A Foolish Complacency", (November 20, 2008), 15', 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 3 horns, violoncello, contrabass, piano.

    Program note

    Your Reality Check is in the Mail, (October 12, 2006), 16', oboe, alto saxophone, violin, violoncello, piano.

    The work was commissioned by the Definiens Project for their 2006-2007 concert season.

    It was premiered at the Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles on January 29, 2007. The piece was recast in a new form with a Bb clarinet prelacing the alto saxophone in March of 2007. Presently, both versioins of the work exist.

    Program note

    Seraphim and Cherubim, Choirs of Angels Guard the Gates of Heaven, (May 8, 2006), 9', (3 piccolos, 4 flutes, 2 alto flutes).

    Although this piece shares its title and half of its material with the 1991 piece of the same name, it is structurally and aesthetically so changed as to constitute a new piece.

    Fanfare,"Victimae Pascali" (May 25, 2006), 4 tpts., 2 hns., 3 trbs., tuba. 2'10".

    Substantially recomposed and expanded version of the 1999 piece.

    Program note

    Octet-Windstorm, (October 4, 2004), 2ob, 2cl, 2hn, 2bn, 15'.

    Fanfare for Easter, "Victimae Pascali" (February 9, 1999), 2 tpts., hn., 2 trbs., tuba, 1'45".

    Seraphim and Cherubim (Jan. 23, 1991), flute choir (3 picc., 3 fls., 3 A fls.), 10'.

    Graces and Furies (Feb. 23, 1988), clarinet and string quartet, 23'. Commissioned by Pacific Serenades and premiered spring 1989 (Angeles Quartet and Gary Gray).

    The piece was extensively revised and rewritten for publication with a new ending in December, 2010.

    Music for Open Spaces (Jan. 6, 1982) ten brass, 6'. Premiered at the opening ceremonies for the new UCLA Music Bldg.

    Eleven Miniatures for Wind Quintet ‚ (Feb. 22, 1978), 10' Premiere unknown (many performances in the US).

    . In November of 2017 a completely recomposed version ofthe piece was done in preparation for a wind CD.

    Joshua's Trumpet (Nov. 1972), piano and winds, 15' in one mvt. Premiered at UCLA Jan. 1973.

    Late Telophase ‚ (Mar. 1971) fl, cl, vc, pno, perc. effects, 13' in
    one mvt. Perf. UC San Diego 1972.

    Concertino (Oct. 1967-69) 2 fls., 2 bns., vc., 13' in one mvt. Perf. Philadelphia 1969.

    Nel Sonno (Sept. 1966), mixed ch. ens., 15'in one mvt. (unperformed).


    Works for wind ensemble:

    (not including concertos):


    Program NotePoster of premiere At the dress rehearsal.

    Inferno (Feb. 17, 2003), 20', in three movements and features antiphonal percussion. World premiere by the UCLA Wind Ensemble, November 19, 2003.

    Moonrise, A Polonaise, Early Light ‚ (Nov. 13, 1983 rev. 1985), 17'
    in one mvt. Commissioned by John Paynter for the Northwestern U. Wind Ensemble. Winner of the Beeler Prize in 1987. Publ Carl Fischer Inc.

    Opening PageProgram Note

    Screamers (Dec. 12, 1980), 12' in one mvt. Commissioned for James Westbrook by the National Endowment for the Arts. Winner of the College band Director's National assoc. Award 1983. Publ. Carl Fischer Inc.

    A new, revised score was prepared in December, 2011.


    Works for orchestra:

    (not including concertos):

    American Elegy for string orchestra, (4'), completed April 18, 2007. It shares some material with the clarinet trio, Le Bonheur de Vivre.

    Program Note

    Squall for orchestra (6', double winds and brass, 4 horns, timpani, 1 perc, piano, strings) completed November 8, 2006.

    Sinfonia Concertante "La Folia" for large orchestra , (25' three mvts.) completed April 30, 1995.

    Program Note

    Dancer's Dream ‚ for String Orchestra (a Jan. 1993 recomposition of a 1980 piece for nine solo strings), 13' in one mvt. Premiered at International Foro XV May 1993 in Mexico City, Publ. Carl Fischer Inc., 1995.

    Voyages in Memory ‚ (Oct. 30, 1987) 17' Premiered (unsuccessfully) at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute, Summer 1990 (two versions: one with mezzo sop. solo, and one with synthesizer).

    Oxyrhynchus Fragment (1973-78), 8' in one mvt. Winner of Indianapolis Symphony Orch Prize 1978. Premiere and tour Spring 1978.


    Dramatic works:

    Democracy Rigged ‚(September 16,2016), 40'. Libretto is by Richard Gochman.

    This is a comic piece featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are accompanied by piano and a speaking chorus.

    Uncle Sigmund Goes to the Opera ‚ (Aug. 30, 1986), 18'. Premiered at UCLA Fables concert 1987, (dreadful reviews).

    I would not Paint- A Picture- for vocal quartet and piano (December 13, 2013), 4'

    The Ballad of the Sleazy Palace Cafe ‚ (Jan. 25, 1979) Opera in one
    act (commissioned NEA), libretto by Peter Belfiore. Premiered at Royce Hall Feb. 20, 1980 (40' version). Enlarged to 50' with new text and selected for Minnesota Opera Co. 1981.

    Full Text

    The Waltz King ‚ (Mar. 25, 1976), SATB solos, 2 vlns., pno, narr., 18'. Commissioned by the NEA. Premiered at UCLA May 1976 (John Hall Dir.).

    America: A Premature Celebration‚ (May 29, 1975), fl, vln, guitar, narr., 11'. Text: e.e. cummings. US Bicentennial commission with many perfs.

    Mad Ophelia ‚ (Sept. 25, 1974), Sop. Ch. Orch, and quad. electronic tape. Fromm Prize Finalist. Premiered at the Monday Evening Concerts April 14, 1975.

    Opening Page Full Text of Terza Prattica

    Terza Prattica (Aug. 29, 1972, rev. 74), 18', soloists, chorus, collegium and ch. orch. Written for Frederick Hammond and the UCLA Collegium Musicum. Premiere at the Powell Library Rotunda Feb. 1974, conducted by Terry King.

    In September, 2019, a completely recomposed version of the piece was made.

    The Traveller (Jan. 10, 1969), tenor solo, fl (picc.) piano, 7' (text by Joseph Prijatel). Premiere at McGill University in Montreal Spring 1969.

    Pange Lingua (1967), Baritone and ch. orch., 15'. Premiere Mar. 10, 1971 at UCLA with composer (disastrously) cond.



    Spanish and English Text

    Serene Words (March 25, 2000, second version), five songs for mezzo-soprano and piano on poems of Gabriela Mistral (Spanish text); world premiere by Alma Mora and Walter Ponce on May 10, 2001 at UCLA. A new version of the piece was prepared in December, 2008. 19'30".

    Full Text

    Hopkins Songs (July 7, 1994). four songs for tenor and piano, 13'.


    Regrets of Adolescence (Mar. 23, 1978), Sop. tpt, bcl, 8'. Commissioned by the University of Redlands and premiered there, spring 1978.

    Bicinium No. 2 ‚ (Nov. 4, 1973), tenor and guitar, 3', text: Milarepa. Premiered at Powell Lib. 1973.

    Three Songs from the Chinese ‚ (1967-68), Mezzo sop. ob, perc., 10', text: Rexroth. Premiered Apr. 11, 1969 Philadelphia Museum of Art.


    Choral works:

    Ave Maria (January 1, 2016). Version for SAA treble voices and piano, (2').

    Ave Maria (December 31, 2010). Expanded version of the earlier setting for SATB chorus and oboe, 4'.

    Full Text

    A Better Resurrection (October 23, 2007). Soprano solo, TTB chorus with piano acompaniment, 6'.

    Full Text

    Resignation (July 15, 2007). SSAATTBB chorus with piano acompaniment, 5'45".

    Full Text of the Psalm

    Psalm 46 (August 26, 2002, revised and expanded August, 2006), six-part chorus, a cappella (SSAATB), 4'.

    Full Text of the Psalm

    Psalm 109 (January 9, 2001), Two Solo Baritones, SATB chorus, piano, and percussion, 7', for Donald Neuen for a March 2001 premiere.

    Selected for the Project Encore Database
    You may also download an evaluation score and mp3 recording from Project Encore

    Full Text of On this Stone End of the piece (first draft)

    On This Stone (June 29, 1998), Solo Sops., Bar., SATB. Fl, 2 Vlns, Handbells, Organ, 10', commissioned by St. James Presbyterian Church, Encino for new building.

    Full Text

    Psalm 84 (September 11, 1995), SATB and organ, 6', commissioned by Our Saviour's Lutheran Church of Long Beach for 75th Anniversary. Organ registration is by Patricia Hanifan.Publ. by Laurendale Associates, 1997.

    Opening Page Excerpt(+)(842k)

    What is Life? ‚ (June 7, 1985), SSATBB, 3'30", recorded on CD March, 1995, publ. Laurendale Associates, 1996.

    Ecce Tu Pulcher Es (Oct. 1, 1982), SSA, 2'10". Premiered by William Hatcher UCLA 1989.

    A revised version of the score was prepared in March, 2008.

    Last Page

    The Lamb (Oct. 16, 1981), SAA and solo Bass, 4' (text: Blake) Many church perfs. Publ. Yelton Rhodes, 1995.

    Complete libretto

    We All Loved You, Jenny Jo (Sept. 10, 1981), Mezzo sop and mixed chorus, 16'08". Commissioned by Donn Weiss for the UCLA Madrigal Singers. and taken on tour Spring 1983. The score was rewritten and a new version was prepared in September of 2017.

    Ave Maria ‚ (Aug. 20, 1979), SATB, 2'30".

    A new, revised and corrected version of the piece was completed in March of 2008. New, 2010 version expanded with oboe above.


    Blessings of God; (Sept. 11, 1978), SATB; Publ. Yelton Rhodes, 1995, 1995.

    Opening Page

    Spring and Fall (July 17, 1978), SSATB, 4', text: Hopkins, CD rec. March, 95, publ. Laurendale Associates, 1996.

    I Felt a Funeral (Dec. 21, 1976), SSAA, 3 cls., pno, 13', text: Dickinson.

    Libera Me (Sept. 12, 1976), TTBB solos, TTBB chorus, 5'.

    Psalm 118 ‚ (Dec. 15, 1975), SATB, 3'.

    Contrafactum (Oct. 22, 1975), Male choruses (3) and pno, 14' (unperformed).

    Motet: Miserere ‚ (Dec. 28, 1973), SATB, 2'. Publ. Brightstar Music until 1982.

    Season of Darkness‚ (June 28, 1973), SATB, 3 trombones, cel., timp, organ, 7'30" Premiered by Donn Weiss at his church in Santa Monica April 1973.

    Alleluia Sequence (April 29, 1973), SAA solos, SSAA, vc., 3'55". Publ. Brightstar Music until 1982 (publisher defunct).



    Du bist bei Mir, (March 16, 2005), C trumpet, violoncello, keyboard, for Claire's 50th birthday, 4'35", (recomposition of the earlier, 1972 setting).

    Program Note

    En Chapeau, (August 2, 2004): a burlesque for violin and piano made out of quotations from the music of Claude Debussy (Written for Ken Goldsmith and Jo Anne Ritacca), 6'.

    Hymn Descants, Set I (Summer 2001): a collection of solo or duet obbligato parts for various instruments to accompany popular hymns (Set I contains eight items).

    Come, Holy Spirit for three-octave handbell choir, (May 6, 1995).


    Watchman, Tell us of the Night for three trumpets and organ (October 4, 1996), 6'.

    Du bist bei Mir, (December 11, 1972), three trombones, for Jan and Jody Threlkeld's wedding, 3'45".

    The composer challenges the Mouth of Truth.

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