ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS: Photographic images on CD ROM titles

"Aztec and Mayan Ruins," "Rome,"

"Russian Architecture," Corel Corporation,

Professional CD ROM series.


BOOKS: Entries in books published by Cambridge University Press,

William C. Brown, Sunset Books, Salem Press,

World Book Encyclopedia, NewSage Press,

Nazarene Publishing, David C. Cook,

Holt Rinehart & Winston, Addison Wesley,

Better Homes & Gardens, McGraw Hill and others.


Mirrors of Faith: Culture and Religion on

Five Continents through Fifty Centuries.

Writer and photographer, seeking a publisher.


MAGAZINES: America West Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine,

Transitions Abroad, L'Express, Footnote Magazine,

Music at UCLA, Vista Magazine for Hispanics,

Kind News Primary, Vista Magazine,

Weekly Reader, Travel Holiday Magazine and others.


MISCELLANEOUS: Cover art for Cello America I & II,

Music and Arts compact discs.

Inside art, Music & Arts CD's.

Koch International CD's.


CLIENTS: Interpreters Plus, GTE, University of California, Halsey Publishing,

KCET Television, Crystal, TR and MCA Record companies,

Associated Press stringer, Everseal Products, PTN Publishing,

Mazer Corporation, Intel Corporation,

Humane Society, Saga Holidays, Dramalogue,

Interpress International News Agency,

Inner City Cultural Center of Los Angeles.




Updated, March 20, 2007.