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      Claire Rydell is a freelance photographer specializing in travel and nature. As a world traveler, she has spent time documenting life in Russia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Canada and America. She has a large portfolio of architectural images and ancient sites.

     Claire has been a professional photographer since 1984 and holds a degree in photojournalism from Pierce College. She has had ten solo exhibitions of her art photography in the States and abroad, and has been included in another dozen group shows. Her work is represented by PhotoLibrary in New York.

      Recently, Claire is interested in exploring the boundaries between fine art and photography, creating work from materials in both traditional film and digital materials within the format of a two dimensional piece. Some of this work is reflected in the many images of musical instruments and flowers.

     In addition to photography, Claire is a professional musician in Los Angeles where she directs choirs, plays cello in chamber music concerts, runs a concert series and teaches in the Los Angeles City College district.


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Associate of Arts, Photojournalism,

Los Angeles Pierce College, 1984


Master of Arts, Conducting

California State University Northridge, 1981


Bachelor of Arts, Music

University of California, Los Angeles, 1977



For purchasing information, you can contact Claire directly by e mail. You can view more images by typing Rydell, Claire into the advanced search at PhotoLibrary, New York.


Gallery I: Architecture

1. Saint Chapelle's lower chapel built in 1248 and intended to house the Crown of Thorns.

Paris, France


2. Sculpture face outside the British Museum.

London, England


3. Colorful window with bougainvillea.

Pacific Grove, California


4. Stained glass dome in the State Capitol.

Madison, Wisconsin


5. Hotels reflected in the water on the Isle of Skye.

Portree, Scotland


6. High window in Pueblo Bonito built between 1030-1079.

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico


Gallery II: Scenics

1. The "Cotton Fortress" geological formation.

Pammukkale, Turkey


2. Cabin at the foot of Lake O'Hara in Banff National Park.

Alberta, Canada


3. Sunrise over Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

Alberta, Canada


4. Snow and trees at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


5. Peyto Lake with the Mistaya River Valley in Banff Nat'l Park.

Alberta, Canada


6. Sunset with lone boat.

Paros, Greece


Gallery III: Alternative


1. Saxophone in Blue


2. Graumann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood


3. Red Trumpet


4. Two Sunflowers


5. Entry to Santa Monica Pier, California


6. Flag of the United States of America


Gallery IV: Black & White


1. Canal with trees and apartments and a boat.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


2. Drunken man in doorway of bar.

Dublin, Ireland


3. Stone face at Melrose Abbey, 12th century

Melrose, Scotland


4. Cathedral, 1160, framed in brick doorway.

St. Andrews, Scotland


5. Statue inside the Kibble Palace glasshouse.

Glasgow, Scotland


6. Khazneh, the Treasury, with men on horses.

Petra, Jordan


Gallery V: Transportation & Machines


1. Bugatti with trees filled with cherry blossoms.

Encino, California


2. Shikaras at sunset in the Vale of Kashmir.

Srinigar, India


3. Jeepney painted with the word "Wonderful."

Manila, Philippines


4. Red angels floating above a spinning carousel.

House on the Rock, Wisconsin


5. Detail of a ferris wheel.

Simi Valley, California


6. Colorful boats in the floating garden.

Xochimilco, Mexico


Gallery VI: Flora & Fauna


1. Red and yellow tulips.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands


2. Pink and purple tulips.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands


3. Frilly orange and yellow tulips.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands


4. Tree Nymph butterfly "idea leuconoe" from Southeast Asia.

Stratford-on-Avon, England


5. Red poppy field.

Ephesus, Turkey


6. Two purple irises.

Canoga Park, California


Updated January 23, 2009. All photographs Copyright© 2009 Claire Rydell.